The Hoop Mistresses are big on giving back to their community and proudly support the following charities. They are actively involved in helping to raise funds for, and bring awareness to, these fine non-profits so that they might help these charities continue to do great things for the less fortunate.

Hoopers 4 Hounds

Hoopers 4 Hounds is a collective of like minded flow artists aiming to educate their community on the dangers of animal cruelty, animal fighting, and animal neglect. This non profit joined together a little over a year ago, when "Jammin' 4 the Animals" decided to find the back burner. The members of H4H work solely volunteer based, as all the proceeds they collect are then donated each Valentines day to an A.R.L neighboring by. Each participant is encouraged to branch out in their own home town and find more like minded flow artists to help bring education and funding to stop Animal Abuse. We strive to make a difference one paw at a time. 

Below are our face book pages, here you can learn more on how to volunteer! 



Reading Area Peace Kitchen

The Reading Area Peace Kitchen is a nonprofit funded by the people for the people. We strive to raise conscious awareness to our community by education and acceptance. We have teamed with "Food not Bombs" in the past and while still collaborating with other outstanding nonprofits we aim to provide an alternative outlet for our youth to learn and grow. Simply by offering fundamentals of every day life through a more Eco-friendly approach. For example, Proper Recycling and Trash disposal, Alternative Wellness, Community Culture thru live art and entertainment and last but not least, Nutrition and Love. From here we hope those hearts which have been enlightened, would to take a moment and share what they have experienced with others in the community. 

​Below are a few links with further achievements, events, and information on how to volunteer!​



Buzz About The Hoop Mistresses

  • "I had the incredible pleasure of having one of the Hoop Mistresses perform during Wicked Faire, a weekend long event, and the audience was hypnotized by her performance. I will definitely have them back in the future, and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high caliber performers for an event."

    Aristotle Pramagioulis - Executive Producer of The Goblin Market

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