Cognitive Hoop Therapy Through Mind, Body, & Spirit 

I'd like to take this opportunity to travel into what inspired you to awaken the hula hoop goddess/god within, what restrictions flow-wise you've been facing, along with your personal progression goals. My theory on Cognitive Hoop therapy focuses on positive thoughts and muscle memory. Locating the schemes within your thought process (schemes are like filing cabinets) they store memories both positive and negative while then associating these memories with muscular actions. Throughout this course I hope to help you become more aware of negative thoughts/memories and how to replace them with positive thoughts connected to positive muscle actions, in return disassociating the negative memory and deleting it from the scheme, which attached it to the previous muscular action therefore breaking flow restrictions. By the end of this course I hope you will realize the ability of inspiration that flows within you, carrying what ever help you'd received onto others seeking a hooping hand.

Hoop Yoga & Fitness 

Hoop Yoga & Fitness is a course constructed by The Hoop Mistresses, using a collaboration of Bikram style technics, hula hooping, and core fitness. This course will allow ones internal and external connection with themselves and their hula hoop to grow, while creating a lengthening stretch towards a successful journey. There are several stages of this course which are set to meet each individuals skill set and endurance level.

Our Classes

We offer a couple different workshops, that address all different areas of focus. Below is a list of our various classes.

Hoop Dance 106: How to Hoop to the Mix

A dance fusion of hula hoop manipulation and fluidity assisting one to sync their movements to a beat.

Hoop Fitness 309: Hips, Knees, and Thighs

A moderate movement class, levels 1-6 specializing in hip, knee, and thigh therapy and muscle memory.

Hoop Fitness 808: Shoulders, Chest, and Waist

The second sequence to class 309, a moderate movement class, levels 1-6 specializing in shoulder, chest, and waist therapy and muscle memory.

Rollin with my Homies: Body Rolls/Partner Rolls

Rollin with my Homies is a course that gravitates towards teamwork and partnership, unfolding the key elements you and your hooping mate have been seeking. Here we will focus on a variety of body roll stages to help build the knowledge needed to expand your partner hooping interests. While traveling through variations of body rolls, then adding partner to full group activities.

Where, When & How?

Our workshops are either one-on-one by appointment, or you can find us teaching our workshops at many of the festivals we perform at. If you're ready to schedule an appointment now, please fill out the form below in it's entirety, and we'll be sure to get in touch with you to set up and appointment for a personal workshop.

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